GDPMDS (Accredited by SAC)

Which standard is right for your business?

SAC GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice Medical Device Scheme) is a requirement of the Health Science Authority in Singapore for Wholesalers, Importers and Distributors of Medical Devices in Singapore.


The need for establishment, development, maintenance and control over the activities involved in the distribution processs is a requirement by Health Science Authority for all . GDPMDS species requirements for a quality system used by an organization for the handling , storage, delivery, installation, servicing and secondary assembly, with respect to the medical devices they deal in for both internal and external parties.

Benefits to your client.

Your customers can buy your Medical Devices and services in the knowledge that they comply with the regulatory requirements and the quality and integrity of the medical devices is being maintained throughout the distribution process.

Why use AJA Registrars?

AJA Registrars is one the SAC accredited Certification Bodies that is recongised by the Health Science Authority to conducted this certification. We also covered a large range of industrial and commercial sectors in Singapore, ensuring that we have the expertise to fully understand your operations and your customer needs.